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In Their Own Words

At Neurosurgeons for Kids, our patients and their families are not alone as they face serious neurological conditions. Our approach to providing care for the mind, body and spirit provides a measure of comfort and care needed to strengthen and heal our young patients.

Each patient and family has their own journey, and our physicians and their team of dedicated professionals are here to ease every patient through this experience while providing attentive, caring treatment. Often patients and their families want to share their experience with others. We welcome these stories of hope and share them to provide strength and encouragement to others on this path.

Patient Quotes

Thank you for all you do, your love your love and passion for your work shows and we are so fortunate to have you on our side.

Chiari Patient Testimonials

State-of-the-art technology and treatments are our specialty but old-fashioned, compassionate care is who we are. Read or view chiari patient testimonials that have experienced care at the Florida Center for Chiari Care at Neurosurgeons for Kids. If you'd like to tell us of your experience with Florida Center for Chiari Care, please share your story.

Without Dr. Trumble, I Would Not Be Here Today!

A young man was involved in what seemed like a simple bicycle accident, but a physician’s examination discovered his skull had fractured in the accident, causing bleeding in his brain. Read his own words about his experience with Dr. Trumble here!

My Life Changing Surgery

I am one year post surgery for decompression of my for Chairi 1 malformation of the brain. The Chiari was diagnosed in 2000 during an MRI for neck pain. My neurologist explained this is pretty rare, and he said he would monitor the Chairi with an annual MRI. It was nothing to be concerned about at that time.