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Florida Center for Chiari Care

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Are you experiencing severe head and neck pain? Dizziness? Blurred vision? Loss of muscle strength in your hands and arms?

Florida Center for Chiari Care is a clinic focused on patients with Chiari, or skull, malformations. It is coordinated out of the Neurosurgeons for Kids office. The highly skilled neurosurgery team offers some of the most advanced chiari treatments for both children and adults. As the only clinic in Central Florida dedicated to the treatment and management of chiari, patients come from around the state and across the country to experience the compassionate and leading-edge care delivered by our team of neurosurgeons and specialists.

Usually occuring during fetal development, Chiari Malformations are a surprisingly common congenital malformation of the hind brain (bottom of the brain, top of the spinal cord, depending how you want to look at it).  In our practice we see 3-5 patients with Chiari disorders weekly.

Most Chiari patients have a Chiari I malformation.  The appropriate diagnostic test is a head or cervical spine MRI.  Most patients will respond to medical management of their symptoms.  Therefore, although the only specific treatment for a Chiari malformation is surgery (true to any anatomical abnormality), we want to ensure that maximal medical management has been achieved prior to any surgical intervention.  We are surgeons.  We are trained to operate.  But we want to make sure we will help the patient with an operation.  Using our clinical criteria, less than 20% of our Chiari patients require surgery. 

If you are a patient seeking more information on the symptoms and treatment process for chiari malformations, please click here or on the “For Patients” button below.

If you are a provider or clinician seeking more information on the treatment of chiari malformations, please click here or on the “For Providers” button below.


Chiari Patient Testimonials

Experience the treatment and care delivered at Florida Center for Chiari Care by reading Chiari patient testimonials.

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