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Conditions We Treat

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Excellence in Pediatric Neurosurgery

Conditions We Treat
Neurosurgeons for Kids has an international reputation for excellence and care. Our commitment and devotion to your child’s healthy recovery is the driving force to the pediatric neurosurgical program’s clinical mission and translates into continual improvements in the treatment of disease and care of patients.

Excellence in pediatric neurosurgery at Neurosurgeons for Kids is made possible by the experienced, refined surgical skills and the critical resources available to one of the largest private practice pediatric neurosurgical practices, utilizing a dedicated pediatric critical care team, specialized age appropriate nursing units, a wide array of pediatric consultants, operating facilities designed for children, and the commitment and experience on the part of the surgeons and their colleagues to provide the most effective care possible for all pediatric neurosurgery patients.

Neurosurgeons for Kids performs hundreds of neurosurgical procedures annually and provides treatment for all pediatric neurological disorders and diseases. Here are just a few of our specialties: