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Baby’s Brain Surgery Stops Seizures

When mother Ingrid Moya gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she never imagined baby Andreisha would need brain surgery a mere five days later. In the months after Andreisha’s operation, Ingrid began to notice dramatic changes in her baby’s behavior and she grew uncomfortable with the treatment plan proposed by her Tampa physicians. Her intuition told her to look for more answers and she found answers, a treatment plan she could believe in and a medical team that supported her at Neurosurgeons for Kids.

Dr. Baumgartner Removes Teen's Tumor

Madison Blackmon had enjoyed a healthy and active adolescence until she turned 14 and began to have what she described as anxiety attacks. This former straight A student and three sport athlete began suffering from extreme exhaustion and regularly lost focus during conversation. When this unusual behavior began to affect the Cocoa Beach teen’s daily life, her parents reached out to their primary care doctor, who referred the family to a neurologist.